Reports, Projects and Studies:

2012 – Barrington Street – Inspiration for Halifax’s Historic Streetscape (pdf)
T.J. Maguire’s BCD Honours Thesis (Dalhousie University). Since amalgamation in 1996, The Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) has produced a variety of studies, plans and reports proposing different designs for the street. Considering Barrington Street is a Heritage Conservation District, how appropriate are the proposed designs today? What would the street look like if the designs were applied, and is there a more appropriate design?

2009 – Barrington Street Heritage Conservation District Revitalization Plan (pdf)
Also includes great one-page history sheets on each building in the Conservation District, starting on page 22.

2003 – Barrington Street Heritage District – Final Report (Ekistics Planning & Design) (pdf) Following on a series of studies that documented the heritage resources and options for the Barrington Street area, Ekistics Planning and Design was asked to recommend the best tool for preserving the cultural heritage of Barrington Street as part of downtown revitalization efforts.

1998 – Downtown Barrington A Strategy for the Rejuvenation of Barrington Street (pdf)

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